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Viera To Inter Milan

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France midfielder Patrick Vieira has completed his £6.5million move to Inter Milan from Juventus, ending interest from Manchester United.


Suprised man utd didnt put in a bid



thats actually a bargain tbh


why didnt the arses try and get him back?

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i still think its a bit steep, for just liek 2 years, theyre gonan win the leageu anyway, coudl have invested in someone younger




i dont know a young player defensive midfielder that has the skills and talent of patrick viera for that price


maybe gerrard but he would at least cost 20mil

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^ me neither, but thats the reason why were not on shed loads scouting for arsenal or someone


there will be some yougn talent out there, we were interested in essien a few eyars ago for 4, chelsea ended up payin a lot more than that, my point is, if you look you can find, and it's not like they're gonan be challenged too much i nthe league


n also its vieira

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But will the Ginger Ninja play our "young talent"?. He has a proven reluctance to use our young guns in the past.


Rooney was a once in a lifetime find and we let him go for a relatively small price, only West Ham and Manure have unearthed more gems than us. I would like to know what happened to Moysies "if they're good enough, they'll play.





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