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Cricket Thread

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Now that posts been deleted, this post looks so different :lol:

I thought that may happen... for those of you who missed it, Paddock put a link up to his favourite adult site but it was obviously removed.

I was going to delete all three posts but felt it was unfair when C's post wasn't just about the shemales!

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I thought I was pessimistic but you make me look unbelievably optimistic!

:lol: I'm terrible aren't I.


It's actually a defence mechanism. I get so angry and upset when I'm really passionate about a ide winning I fucking fume for days. Even my lad stops and looks at me uneasy and says "Dad you're not going to fume for days are you" when something I'm rooting for ends in defeat so what I do is talk myself in to them losing then when they do I don't get that initial feeling of rage and anger.

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