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Moyes Interview In Sporting Life

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"This last season it was not quite the same. What people mustn't forget is that in two seasons we have lost Wayne Rooney and Thomas Gravesen, arguably to the two biggest clubs in the world.


"And they were our two most influential players. Everton just wouldn't have the money to replace those two players. Wayne goes to Manchester United, Thomas to Real Madrid and that is very difficult to handle.


"Frankly it is impossible to stop transfers like that. We were in a position where Wayne did want to go and we could have done with the cash at that point.


"Thomas had only six months left on his contract and went to Madrid, I could not stop that either. But maybe now we are not in the same financial position and if we were confronted with that scenario again we would be able stop that happening with any of our players now."


A very promising statement to finish off that interview, that alone shows that we are making progress!

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Agreed Fishy, peoples expectations were raised following the 4th place position and now (perhaps) realise that it was essentially a one off. It takes time (Or an Abramovich bankroll) to be able to compete regularly with those at the top of the pile, I have only seen progress since DM took over.

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Each season we have been getting better as a team; Moyes is making progess and this season is a very big one we have signed Howard (on loan) AJ n Lescott, Everton is a team moving forward as it shows with the new training facilities etc




i agree. there is a sense of genuine optimism about the club and rightly so.


weve made steady progress, we are no longer relegation fodder and we are taken more seriously by the rest of the premiership.

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Well, I think this is an imortant season. Over the past few years moyes has done a very good job on limited resources.


He has bought a few players every year with potential. OK, all may have not been big money buys, but he has developed a squad (all be it small) of younger, hungrier players


Some buys havent paid off, but tell me a manger who doesnt make mistakes?


Look at our first team this season, look at their age, providing lescot and yobo start, its pretty young. Only Valente is over 30


And I think some of them, we are yet to see what their made of.


I really think we can go places this season with a bit of luck with injuries and if it all clicks into place


As hes said, "Peaple say we can do an Everton and finish fourth"


After the shit ive seen in the past decade, that season was fookin awsome


Lets hope for more this season

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i think we sould aim for 6th have a decnt cup run wich well then bring in abit of money




and money seems to be the key to success. moyes made the point in his interview.



"The top four always get about £10million from the Premier League in place money, maybe another £10million from being in the Champions League. That's around £20million each they get which the rest of the division do not, and that happens every season.


"Liverpool have been in the Champions League for all but one season since I have been at Everton, and that gives them and the rest of the top four more money from the start.


"We can't get that money. That's why I ask for a little bit of understanding, from the fans and from the people who write about the game, to understand what the difference is."


personally i dont see why the fa should hand out so much cash to the top four. they get more cash from bigger gates anyway, fa money should be shared out more evenly among more clubs in the premiership to create a more competitive environment.

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Moyes on were we should finish:


He reveals: "I am a dreamer. And the dream I have is that we get Everton into a similar position to where we were a year ago.


"I hope we can be successful again. Everton's a big club so we start with high expectations, and rightly so.


"We've got to make sure we manage those expectations. Our main aim is to continue where we finished off in 2005/06 and have a good start this time."

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