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Have You Ever Met Anyone Famous


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Im met loads of famous people, its because i own my own building firm and i get invited to alot of Sportsmans dinners, Ive met David Moyes, Howard Kendal, Alan Ball all of prestons board and directors, alot of comedians and other people to do with sport. Ive had pictures taken with the ACTUALL (not fake) rugby world cup and alot more!


BTW the attachment wont open for me who is it?

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Ive met lots of footballers and famous people through my work at Everton and in politics. However my three favourites have to be Paul O'Grady who told me I was the most stunning person he'd ever met in his whole life. Daniel Bedingfield who I sorted of pulled and yeah. And my most fave Stephen Gately! The gay one from boyzone for anyone who doesnt know! He had been my idol since I was about 7 the first man to break my heart but a couple of years ago Kenwright arranged for me to meet him and he was tiny and lovely and it was like the best day of my life!

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Dirk Benedict when he was "Apollo" in the orig Battle Star Galactica , pre "Face Man" form the A-team.


A cple of Footballers & my Most recent & famous since relocating South...


"Kelly Slater"..Recomended the Bacon & Eggs & The Thick Toast...LOL... @ a water side cafe type sidewalk dining eatery one morning as me n the Gal wandered in @ the Bluff, Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast.


Was, to pinch a surfing term a " Fully Sick Experience", & I was " Totally Stoked in the Tube "..... :D


You think Text is bad...Try translating the " Beach Grommit Language " ..Everything seems to be Fully Sick & Totally Awsome.

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big dunc gave me £2 once


when i was like 13 or something went the game and stayed afterwards he came out and me my sister and my cousin all got £2 each off him had that for years then i needed some fags lol thanks dunc



At least you didnt wast it, just get another £2 no one will know the difference, just rub it on a sporran

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I played football with big dunc at bellefied weekend before f.a cup in 95.


I was there as my dad's mate use to scout for them and we were getting shown round. he was there to get fit for it, and asked me if i wanted a kick about,

I was only 14 at the time and was made up as he was my hero then!

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Does princess anne look like a horse in real life or does she just take bad photos?


Daniel Bedingfields a million times better looking in real life he looks crap on photos but im the opposite i take crap photos



Close up she is quite pretty, still got massive teeth, but very nice eyes. As senior mess waiter during one of her visits (she was our Col in Chief) I had to wait on her during the meal, lovely woman with a wicked sense of humour.


She smells nice too.





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