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He's better and younger than Carrick so surely should go for more?


I'd hate to see him go but for £20m I'd be tempted. I can't see anyone bidding that much for him though. I would imagine Spurs/ManU would bid more than £6/7m (that's still a 300% profit).


I think I'd rather keep him though - who do you replace him with? Flair players are a bit of a gamble and he is proven in the team.


Why can't we find another like him? We are a bit of a one man team - we suck when he doesn't play! He only cost us £2m - what a great spot by Moyes. Don't foget that when Gravesen left he had to find someone pretty quickly.

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No way he would go for more than say £8m if he did go. Although he is exceptional, he is spanish...english players seem to carry a premium.


Plus that fact Arteta wouldn't go anywhere, you only have to watch his interviews to see he loves the club. And already mentioned, Moyes would be left with a big gap in midfield.


lol this is like the cahill rumour all over again....

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why dont we just say 10mill minimum or fuck off.


too many times we let go of our best 'prospects' for little money or not what thier worth. and too many times weve let them be the dictat in the deals.


i think that if they want our players they meet our demands and if they dont like it then either pay up or fuck off and steal another player.

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Not unless they plan a clear out, as a Dutchman Jol is always going to be keen on mid-fielders, it's the way they play.


They have the money, also don't underestimate the draw of being based in the capitol.


I don't want him to go, anymore than the rest of you, but he is an employee and as such he will be looking for the best deal he can get.


Sorry to be a gloomy Gus, but this is the way I see the situation.





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