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44 minutes ago, Palfy said:

Did I get a vote for Liz Truss or Rushi Sunak being Prime Minister. The deals that have been made with countries to try and bridge the cap of us leaving the EU don't even scratch the service of what we gave up, a deranged Liz Truss going round the world signing trade deals that were sailing this country down the river, and in particular it's farmers was frankly embarrassing 🙈 yet the even more deranged Boris Johnson was hailing them as some great success. What happened to the oven ready deal all leavers were talking about, what happened to the deal with the USA that was going to change the fortunes of every man woman and child in this country, what happened to taking control of our borders so that no one could come here to work unless they had a skill that was needed, all rubbish and lies to pray on people into believing leave was right for them and the country. 
And to defend the decision to vote leave we will make it all about Sovereignty, like I said any EU laws that were made were agreed to by all members or they wouldn't be in existence, and to be fair to the EU they gave people more rights and protection and freedom than was ever experienced by any generation before, what was so bad about workers rights, what was so bad about governments working together on sharing information on terrorism, on returning criminals to the country they had committed crimes in, on giving people the freedom to work and travel freely in other EU countries. We weren't giving up our Sovereignty or democracy and they weren't being taken from us, you say generations before had fought for our freedom yes they did in 2 world wars started in Europe, if the EU was In existence in 1913 and 1939 those wars would not have happened. 
Russia's invasion of Ukraine bares no resemblance whatsoever with us being in the EU, and to try and make a case that a country that is fighting for its survival whilst having horrific war crimes committed against it is in someways comparable is in poor taste, and there are no similarities with what's happening Ukraine to us or any other country in the EU. In fact you have scored an own goal as to the strength and security that being in a union brings, if Ukraine was in NATO do you think Russia would have dared attack Ukraine knowing full well they would have been destroyed by the full force of NATO, I say not a chance in hell. 

You got a vote to choose the party that governs UK. Did you get that with EU?

There are many similarities (and differences as I already highlighted one) between EU and Russian attitudes to sovereign countries but they each wish to control current sovereign countries by stripping them of their sovereignty. The differences lie only in the methodology.

We will never agree on this but I remain convinced that brexit is best for UK. The freedoms that previous generations have fought to get us allows you the jeopardy free opportunity to disagree with, and to voice your criticism of, the UK government. And quite rightly so.

The EU would not give you such freedom.


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