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Considering Our Wealth Of Talent In Attack Now,


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Maybe we could play it in cup games but against decent opposition i reckon we'd really struggle with 4-3-3. Can see Moyes playing Cahill just behind the two strikers though in some games and maybe even use Faddy their. Whoever starts the Bilbao game will most likely start against Watford and same goes for the formation. Doesn't seem as if Moyes has moved away from 4-4-2 in pre season so expect thats what we'll play.

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Weve played 4-3-3 with limiterd or some succes when chasing games late.


Personally feel in situations akin in the future that we will be all the better for not having Duncan leading the line.


Not Duncan's fault but the natural order for players was to start lumping it long in those situations. We have more quality than that.


Im a big fan of a 3-5-2, but I recall us trying that @ Chelsea a cple of seasons back & getting funkin flogged all over the park.


Got to have the correct cattle to play that style, though the Herd we are assembling ceretainly on papaer looks much more flexible than in recent seasons.

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Perhaps... I'm more concerned at what a couple of injuries could do. VDM and Hibbert are not looking too good now and the season's not even started.




Wouldnt worry about it.............Done without vdm last season, and Neville and Pistone are adequate cover for Hibbo.

No probs. :)

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ah back to this again....


it's not just a half hearted opinion, it is fairly well backedu p in my eyes, look at it this way


if we play 3 up front that's all well and good if you can provide them. but this would leave our 3 midfielders needeing to create and we only have 1 of them that's creative, and therefore it would be a lot easier for a team playing us to null our threat by taking him out the game and still havign a spare man in midfield


another point, to play 3 center mids genuinly it would be ideal to have some good alround players, especially good defensively, only really neville has that, well he kind of does compared to the rest


and to finish it off, our mids will have to take up more responsibility defensively, taking cahill out of beign a goal threat which is his main strength and only real asset


with all points considered, cahill less effective having to stay deeper, the midfield beign easier to overrun, , and the lack of creativity we would have which is greatly needed would result in us not really doing too much in my opinion apart from a lot of ball chasing and inviting a lot of pressure. even agaisnt the lesser sides of the league, they're still good, well disciplined (in the most part) professionals and they will hurt an average team playign in that formation, if we struggled against sunderland last season with a 4-5-1 we're not exactly going to immediately start outplaying people with 4-3-3 are we?


as said before by myself, goldy, and a few otehrs, we're on the way up, but getting good takes time, we haven't got the quality players such as chelsea, we couldn't pull off this formation, not just yet anyway


my opinion anyway, atleast you can't say i didn't argue my point

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Hate to seem like I am agreeing with Craccer :D but I don't think with 3 up front it would make much difference/ Whilst I don't think we have a bad midfield I think we are lacking in creativity and if we have 3 upfront will we still only have 1 player likely to create opportunities in midfield so unless we are gonna play long ball I can't see 3 making much difference.

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A 433 would need two pacey, hardworking wingers and a compact defence because playing two wingers means that you'll lose possession a lot more than what you'd normally do. Also you're vulnerable to the counter.


A 451 would work better, definately. Johnson up top all on his own and McFadden/Cahill sitting behind him, maybe?

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