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Weirdness Abounds (or the Idrissa Gana Gueye Thread)

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The price isn't bad considering the market and I trust Koeman and Walsh's judgement if he does come in but I just haven't seen much to rate the lad he's looked as equally poor as the rest of the shite at Villa


I really hope we bring in better quality etc as I've been fairly patient but I'm not getting fired up or feeling optimistic yet...

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Guest rusty747

Looks like another slow start to a season is likely and we'll be hearing a lot of 'don't judge us until at least christmas' from the players.


I still think Koeman is the right man and that he will slowly get who he wants - but it is taking too long for me now.

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Alright. Well, why in the hell would they take this picture at the academy entrance? Is the main door getting some shiny new hinges?


Apparently it's 'spitting' and the badge by the academy is under cover. They could quite easily crop the image to remove the text and keep the badge.


Wouldn't read too much into it being the 'academy' badge.

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People judge signings by the fee. There's almost a snobby element to it.


I think this will be a good move.


We ain't gonna be chucking money around for the sake of it.

Yep. If we'd spunked £30m on him this place would be in meltdown.


What did Leicester pay for Mahrez again?

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Welcome to Everton! I hope you're better than the last Gueye we signed!


If he's the type of player who we need in our side to play the football the manager wants to play, then he will be a good signing. Who cares about the fee or where he comes from? How much did we pay for that lad from Sligo Rovers? What ever happened to him?

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Guest rusty747

if we can get Williams behind him to marshall the defence and one of those Portuguese lads in front of him in midfield plus Gerry and Kev in form on the wings then he will have plenty of chances to demonstrate his passing once he has either broken up play or received it short from the back five.


With the right additional signings he could be an important part of this season's jigsaw puzzle!

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I'd never even heard of him and he played a full season in the prem .


I think this is what is stopping me from being so excited. People are mentioning cheap unheard players that have come in and lit up the Prem, well this bloke's been here for a year and I've not heard of him. I need to snap out of it. Would be excited if he came from Lille, sad isn't it :rofl:

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