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England Vs Argentina

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What a great game that was! Rooney showed what he can do, Beckhams lookin great again (in football terms!) but i personally liked the comedy moment of 5" Michael Owen beating 6"7' Crouchinho to the header at the end, GENIUS!


was one of the best games ive seen for a long time!


got to go now, need to catch the "were gunna win the world cup" bus! :lol:

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Never mind it was the best friendly for a while , it was one of the best England games i've watched since we tw@tted the Krouts 5-1 .


It was nice to see England go out and attack for once but the Argentines looked alot more dangerous than we did on the attack and i think they're a good bet for the World Cup .


Saying that though if we show as much commitment in our competetive games as we did in this friendly then we're also in with a shout although the Swedes negative tactics are bound to creep back in sooner or later and ruin it all .

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Yeah, great game, feck the diamond and ledley king off, we dont get the best out of gerrard, lampard and rooney, unless they play the 4-4-2, and joe cole is better, and causes more trouble than any of them on the left.

Two more HEADED goals from the midget, proving that if you are any good as a striker you get into positions to score, and you dont have to be nine foot tall. :lol:

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Guest Reg Reagan

one of the best friendlys i have watched for a long time... but i dont know what Beckham and rooney were thinking before crespo scored the goal in the 36th minute.... that was very suicidal


but lucky rooney was playing and he was by far the best player on that nite

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