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General Election

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Based on a decision at 15?  Show me an example of where hate, anger and ignorance has ever beaten hate, anger and ignorance. If we truly want to combat and beat these extremists, it's not done on

We currently have members of parliament who were active terrorists that killed people as adult males due to their ideology. They weren't children whose sole sin was to marry a terrorist after being in

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Any Tory willing to justify their vote? Absolute cunts the lot of them. You knew they'd take the piss out of the NHS and you knew they'd give all the money they can to their mates. All of you, and every one of their politicians deserve the worst in life by you press it on to others. Scum, leaches, inhuman. Take your pick.

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The government have now started construction of their new theme park in Kent to promote their new gaming idea. The idea of the game is you hide your lorry among 7000 other lorries for 3 days and then see if you can find it again.

The game is called:


PS. Don't forget to bring your Kent passport or you won't be allowed to play.

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How is he still in charge? Sacrificing people's lives by supposedly putting the economy first has not only needlessly killed more people but it's fucked the economy too, well other than for the mega rich who just keep getting richer.



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Imagine being part of a system where you claim expenses back (in the hundreds of thousands of pounds in some cases), get subsidised food in the Commons by the taxpayer and then go and vote against extending free school meals with the reasoning being that they don't want children and families becoming 'dependant' on the state.

One could say that it is politicians that have become dependant and should be fucked off. If you voted Tory, shame on you.

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"I am delighted our local businessses have bounced back so much after lockdown they are able to give away food for free, and very much hope they will not be seeking any further government support."



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