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Australia Qualify For Asian Cup

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Australia are the first team to qualify for next years Asian Cup following a 2-0 win against Kuwait in Sydney




A Couple of notes:


Ex Everton Youth player David Carney had a pretty solid game came close twice

32 622 spectators went to see the game which was against a bunch of part timers and Australia didnt contain any of their european based players.

Finally this sport is getting the recognition it deserves down here

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Was there last night pretty poor game although have to agree Carney was the best player on the pitch and he's really versatile was everywhere last night. Travis Dodd looked good to for the Aussies, don't know if anyone but Carney and a younger Corica would be able to hack it in the premiership. Anyway it was good to see the Aussies get a good result and their was a fair bt of atmosphere at the ground to which you don't always find at some of the sports events over here. Bring on the A-league next week and more Carney magic for Sydney FC

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well all im seeing there is that he is setting that aussie v kuwait game on fire by setting up goals and that


i dont know how he wwent here but i spose he was very bad at the time he was in Everton


Don't think he was helped by being in the same Youth team as that twat who I shall not name

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Thats a pretty poor defense for us releasing an obvious talent mate Imho of course, as Todays Sydney papers mention Bayern Munich & Kaiserslautern in 4 the lad..... ;)


Regardless where their from, I just get irked when we all can see/spot obv potential from a million miles away, but those whom are paid to spot & develop...have there heads buried in the sand signing the likes of Mcfadden on extended deals... :o:huh::lol:

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