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A Level Results

Dunny the Blue

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Good luck for everyone who gets their GCSE results tomorrow



taa mate :) im kinda looking forward to it now just to see what i got, if i get enough to go to collage me mum is gettin me a road scooter :) me nan will give me a load of cash too :)

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I pick Nicky's results up coz she is away with T, bit torn on this one if she does well it could cost me a fortune, if she does badly we are gonna have to convince her to retake.


Good luck to the all the rest of you picking them up tomorrow.





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I hope your joking licker!!


Just incase GCSE's are like the old O-Level basically the end of senior school education and a general rule of thumb is 5 @ grade A-C is sufficient for most types of further education.


A-Levels are further education cirtificates ( think A-Level = advanced level) which act as the access key to University.


The A B C & D are grades obtained in the exams A being the best and so on.

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The reason i asked is that everybody gets so uptight and nervous about them, kids have been known to commit suicide, worrying over them.


I thought maybe they where free season tickets for the BLUES, or a safe passage into Heaven or something.


I left school at 15 with no Qualifications at all, but have never been out of a job in 50 years, so i ask you........Are they really necessary, Are they worth Dying for.


Get out into the real world, thats where you'll get the best education of what life is all about, and dont torture yourself over a few stupid exams, all the qualifications in the world wont get you a job, if you are not the right person.


Licker. :)

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cheers aaron glad to see you did well as well.


haha now i get a free dinner and a booze up. im now centre of attention lol



haha same ere :lol: i havent got money off me nan or mum yet but ive been able to spend £72 today for doing good on them :)

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I agree mate unless you want a speciffic career path then exams are a bit of a waste of time and effort but saying that i have enough engineering qualifications under my belt now to allow me to earn decent money quite easily for the rest of my life!



I know there is a lot of money in trades and things that might not involve such academically weighted qualifications bit I think that the competition for jobs means you have to perform well whatever. Sure you might not need great grades to become a plumber or something but are they really going to want to take on the person who decided exams were "a bit of a waste of time" as an apprentice over someone who has these qualifications? I don't persoanlly think exams are always the best way of judging someone's ability but the thing is that is one of the main things employers are going to see on your CV so you just have to conform really.

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grades.... that is one of the main things employers are going to see on your CV so you just have to conform really.




Yeah but the other 50 applicants for the job also have the same qualifications, so do you really have any advantage at all. ?? :)

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