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Come On You Blues

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It's the eve of another season and after our gradual progress as a club and squad the time is coming for us to step up and be noticed again. Our 4th place in 04/05 was fantastic, hopefully we can have something else to cheer about this season.


Blues Fans, I remind you of;


1. DM making us all feel a bit prouder when he joined us and announced The People's Club

2. DM's first game and Rhino scoring in the opening moments. Cue pandamonioum!

3. Sharpy's volley at Anfield and the half dozen fans who joined the celebrations - especially the guy with his aeroplane impression - History of the club dvd/video

4. Duncan's goal against United

5. Barry Horne's volley against Wimbledon

6. Graeme Stuart's winner against Wimbledon and the feeling when that went in.

7. The Bayern night.

8. The team spirit that the current side have and the growing intensity of the supporters in getting behind them. The 04/05 spirit of players and fans combined with our now added quality can take us places this season.

9. Being at White Hart Lane the night we effectively won the title in 85. Snooker balls lobbed from Spurs fans couldn't dampen the mood.

10. My favourite because it says it all about being a Blue - Victoria Ground, Stoke, FA Cup 3rd Round, Jan 84 2.45pm - 10,000 Blues making a racket, Kendall opens the changing room window and told the players "that's your teamtalk". Fucking brilliant.


So when you hear z-cars tomorow and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, get behind the boys and do so throughout the season.


Bill K, Alan Irvine, Davey Weir, Phil Neville, James Beattie, Davey Moyes - come on you Blues.


And Tim, Joleon & AJ - Welcome to a very special club.

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Thanks (but I'd look rubbish in a kilt!).


I just think that it's not enough for people to simply turn up - not enough for the players to go through the motions and pick up their large wages (Andy VDM I am watching and there have been enough words now, time for you to deliver), they have to want it and give it their all. Likewise, as supporters its easy to turn up and sit there waiting to be entertained or pleased...but lets face it most of our best moments are based around great rallying efforts on the pitch and the old place rocking!


Bring it on.

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