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Im an online news paper/Current affairs fan..more than daily surf the Major globals & news sources etc.>


"Sydney Morning Herald, NY Times,Washington Post, Guardian,The Times, Le QUippe, Christian Science Monitor, Reuters,CNN, AAP, etc etc."


I also read some Indy, Undergorund & alternate news sites such as GNN ( Guerilla News Network), Uk Indy Media & the above mentioned Christian science monitor ( It isnt religouius) But independantly well backed( & by leading Academics like Noam Chomsky amongst others) news servers.


I also use the BBC sport page as my home..seems a well maintained & usually objectional source.


A mirade of footy news & blues sites..."NEWS NOW"..is great "TT" & of course "Born 2 Be Blue".


Afterthought I also enjoy from time to time surfing about Culture Jam sites like - Ad busters, Anorak, Counter culture, Pop Matters, single matters & The smoking Gun.

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funkypool.com - just play pool, great when im ment to be doin coursework 4 collage :D

stick cricket.com - wen i cant play brian lara in mine i play on that :D


fantasypremierleague - just to see where my team are :D

and here....


thats all i go on...and other things that may not be suitable for this :D

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