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Jesus. I don’t like is attitude either and his form has been poor but that’s largely down to bad tactics playing him out of position, plus the team doing not well, particularly midfield. It was o

At least he’s been truthful with the club and supporters, his first concern is himself and his career, and if furthering his career means leaving us this or next year for the right club then he will w

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3 hours ago, SpartyBlue said:

The signing of James Rodríguez is potentially a big factor in whether we can get Richie to stay. It’s a statement of intent and (because of Carlo) a sign we can attract some names now. If we can back up this window with a European finish it might make him pause. Team on the up, stadium coming, loved by the fans...If we flounder this season I agree we have little chance of retaining him.

I have not been a supporter for nearly as long as most on here, so I defer, but this feels like it’s a more pivotal season than most. 

I've been feeling this way since Martinez took charge, and it was amplified when we finished 5th only to be more disappointed each year since. I really hope you're right. 

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1 minute ago, Shukes said:

We should have a ban on posting in this thread while the transfer window is open.

Gives me a shudder each time a new post cones in. Please stop!!!

I try my hardest to ignore Rumourama, but it's impossible. It's the hope that kills you.

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He's going to have a great time this season if James keeps slinging those balls across the pitch to him.

He's got the pace and skill to always be running into space down there when James picks up the ball on the right and James has shown he's capable of picking out the man more often than not.

Looking forward to seeing plenty of that!

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12 hours ago, Romey 1878 said:

Yesterday might actually be the most I've been impressed with him in terms of his attacking play tbh. Often I find myself frustrated with him and wondering if he's really Brazilian. Not yesterday though, he was a beast and the shackles really looked like they were off.

This is why i went for him as motm (and the only one so far!). I feel that chance early on dampened peoples opinion of his performance. He was an absolute nightmare for the spurs midfield and defence throughout the whole game and not only do his feet look quicker he seems to added a yard of pace into his sprint! 

Hes going to have huge season for us. 

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10 hours ago, pete0 said:

Imagine the comments in this thread if it was DCL missing those chances... 

Most of Doms missed oppertunities seem more often on a plate, whilst Richarlison is more capable of making his own chances. That's the difference.

Only 1 of his chances yesterday was clear cut, and we've seen him score a carbon copy of that goal before. First game of the season, no pre season. I'm sure he will kick on.

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What an absolute gem this lad is!

He is there receiving a player of award, and ends up talking more about the club and key workers than himself. An absolute diamond of a man!

How does it feel Richie, to know that if you give us a few more seasons, you could we’ll end up becoming a legend here.

My 8 year old told me the other day... Daddy I think I know who your best player is... it’s Rodriguez isn’t it..... no son, it’s Richarlllllison!!!!!!!!

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