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Rumours without a Link

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i would nt mind taking a punt on Kris Boyd if the above is true.


I see Sibieski has rejected a new contact at Nooocastle, can see him coming to us, didnt we try to get him last year? I remember Moyes saying he is an admirer, would make a good squad player for free, can replace Beats as the big man and we can make some cash

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the young talent I was talking about the other day was giles Barnes (5-6million)

Joey Barton (done deal will be revealed on June 1st 5 million)

bridge/ Baines (depends if the price is right for bridge)

moyes will not sign David Nugent as he is too expensive and isn't proven in Europe or the Premiership so Moyes will opt for a Spanish giant striker who isn't quite quite getting into the first team but has European experience choose to belive me or not but I no this because I am close friends

with victor anichebe and James Vaughn who are in 2nd year 6th form with me

in Chesterfield high school (sports college)

Tom Antonio blu 4 life

Everton in Europe




Iv got a mate who works on the Liverpool echo - says Everton will be signing Viduka



Everton ins and outs summer 2007:



Paddy Kenny - 1.5m - Sheffield United

Phil Bardsley - Loan - Man United

Sylvain Distin - Free - Man City

Sunny Nakamura - 6m - Celtic

Yaya Toure - 6m - Monaco

Manuel Fernandes - Loan - Benfica

Kevin Davies - Nominal - Bolton



Richard Wright - Ipswich

Alessandro Pistone - Lecce

Gary Naysmith - Rangers

Andy Van der meyde - Twente

James Mcfadden - Celtic

James Beattie - Middlesbrough


Starting team:


Neville Yobo Distin LeScott


Arteta Toure Cahill Nakamura


Davies Johnson



Jenas – 7m – Everton

Nugent – 6m – Everton


Ljunberg- Everton

Arteta- Juventus Not Rangers





Manuel Fernandes - Loan

Phil Jagielka - £4mil

Eddie Johnson - £1mil

David Nugent - £3mil (cut price in January)

Jerzy Dudek - Free

Chris Brunt - £2mil



Alessandro pistone - Released

Richard Wright - Released

James Beattie - £3.5mil - Celtic, Boro, Newcastle


Everton; Just had a pint with a mate who works at efc, he told me they have tried to sign distin today but he's agreed a move already, dont no were. expect Phil jageilka (spelling) to be signed within a week apparantly efc have also tried to sign Flamini but he's off to Juventus. if Nugent is going to be at efc this summer 2 things need to happen, uno- Beattie needs to go and 2 they won't pay over 6 million, so don't expect to see him any time soon. manny Fernandes is staying. they think. dont ask me bout that because I didn't get it either. apparantly 3 or 4 players are leaving with up to 7 coming in. roll on June. Big Dave


I have it on good authority that Everton are prepared to table a bid for Chris greenacre from Tramere


Luke young is looking at a way of staying in the Premiership with Everton set to offer the talented right back deal he won't turn down


come on you blue boys. Nugent and Barton next please

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Guest blueboy122

Just shows you what kind of people these website employes. Everton massive club in europe and we are being linked with chris greenacre he only got 17 goals in league one hes fat and getting old.


yep he is one for europe!

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Everton F. C


I would just like to get things straight Mikel Arteta is not leaving he has said over and over he is staying he wants to sign a new contract at Everton and that is being drawn up.


What I have also heard is that Everton are in a two way battle now for Mark Viduka with Portsmouth.


Everton are set to name Joey Barton as there first new signing on June 1st the fee is said to be 4.5m

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football-rumours is a stupid site avoid it at all costs, there are some crazy names being thrown around at the moment, i wish it would calm down a bit, even though i know we won't have loads of money we should just get the players like nugent and fernandes secured first then look at others.

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Guest blueboy122

viduka would be a top calss striker i think and for free would be a fantastic deal. in viduka you have got strenth power skill and a great header of the ball. in johnson u have a team worker a man with extreme pace would be a great partenship i reakon!


who would you lot prefer on the left at everton kewell,gonzalez,richardson??

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billy sharp? league one top scorer? i dont think he is what we are looking for!
Got to start off somewhere right? I dont know much about the guy but he could be a good future prospect. If Moyes thought he was good enough and wanted to go after him I would trust his decision.
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Guest blueboy122

yer i do know about him i no alot about football! why wudnt i? just because i didnt no much about mcgeady from celtic doesnt meen i dont no anything about fooball. ure a bit imature mate!


i would be happy with any of them gonzalez richardson or kewell!!

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yer i do know about him i no alot about football! why wudnt i? just because i didnt no much about mcgeady from celtic doesnt meen i dont no anything about fooball. ure a bit imature mate!


i would be happy with any of them gonzalez richardson or kewell!!



Not immature mate, just making a comment. Try talking in English and not text talk and people may (may being the important word here) take you seriously.

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Guest blueboy122

haha cus i talk in text talk they wont take me seriously?? if david moyes got signed up to this forum and he talked in text form would you take him seriously?

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Guest blueboy122

everton lad dont get me wrong i think he is a good player and that but cud he cut it in the premiership? as you say worth a punt at 2 million wud much rather get him than pay anywere from 6-10 million for nugent.


i have actually met billy sharp i was at the tranmere game a couple of weeks ago when they played trfc he is a nice lad big as well wen i say big i meen broad i told him to get himself down to Goodison he just laughed and said love too. lauhin about it like didnt no weva to take him seriously or not so i just laughed and said good luck in the championship and he said thanks and maybe one day play for everton

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Guest blueboy122

how do you david moyes hasnt got a membership lol if i was manager i well wud sign up lol. could be players that i hadnt thought of before!!

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Everton are to have a massive reconstruction of the squad in order to compete in all competitions not that many players are leaving but lots coming in as Moyes tries to strengthen the squad!


Phil Bardsley (loan) or Luke Young (2m)

Phil Jageilka (4.5m)

Leighton Baines (4m)

Nigel Reo–Cocker (6m)

Joey Barton (3m)

Charles N'Zogbia (1.5m)

Manuel Fernandes (loan)

David Nuggent (5m)


Pistone/ wright (released)

Nuno Valente (nominal fee)

Tony Hibbert (2.5m)

Andy Van Der Meyde (1.8m)

James McFadden (3m)

James Beattie (3m)



Baines, Nugent Fernandes 2 Everton


Everton to announce the signings of Phil Jagielka for £4.5m, Leighton Baines for £5m, Dave Nugent for £5m and Manuel Fernandes for Season–Loan once the Transfer Window re–opens on 1st June. Jagielka, Nugent and Baines expected to be completed by Monday as the 3 Evertonians are eager to push the deals through quickly, ready to train with their Boyhood club as quick as possible. Moyes is still holding talks with Benfica over the transfer of Manuel Fernandes as there is debate over the fee Everton would have to pay to make the move Permanent, however my sources tell me that although Everton are trying to push the price closer to £7m and Benfica towards £10m, Benfica have agreed that Fernandes can be bought for £8m at the end of the Loan.


David Moyes has just had an offer for Michael Kightly agreed, estimated at £2.1m and Kightly has already highlighted Everton as his favoured choice over Portsmouth and West Ham, as Man United have decided against bidding for the 21–year–old.


Moyes will also target a Bosman Goalkeeper and a Young Centre–Half as he intends to allowed Iain Turner to join Sheffield Wednesday on a Season–Loan.


Any other signings Moyes will make will be Bosman, Loan or Cut–Price deals as he intends to minimise spending, but he will sell Andy van der Meyde (£1m to FC Twente) and James McFadden (£3m to Celtic) to give him something to work with in January.


New deals for Anderson Silva de Franca, Bjarni Vidarsson and Patrick Boyle are also on the table, but the main Focus will be Mikel Arteta penning a new Five–Year deal once Manuel Fernandes signs on Loan.


Hossam Ghaly (Everton)


ALL USE EVERTON FANS Out DER: expect Everton 2 sign at least 4 players during the summer and sum players gettin sold:


wright to Rangers or Ipswich – free

Beattie to Spurs or Blackburn – 2–3.5m


jagielka 4m – sheff United

Nugent 5m – Preston

Barton 5m – man. city

Baines 3.5m – Wigan

Davies 1. 5–2. 5– Bolton

Viduka 500k – middelsbourgh

shorey 2–3m – Reading

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Guest blueboy122

matty taylor?? hmm dont think he is one for everton to be honest lads scores some pretty good goals but apart from that he doesnt do much else! my mate is a pompey fan and he says he goes missing in games much like gamst pedersn.


in my opion much rather have a young pacey left mid like richardson or gonzalez. ino harry kewell is 29 but i would much rather have him for peanuts and spend 5 million on taylor

ur thoughts??

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Saw on toffeeweb that we are interested in a 3 million pound move for Frankie Simek. Although he is an American, I havent seen him play that much. I know he got voted Sheffield Wednesday's player of the year and he plays mostly right back. 3 million sounds like a lot but he is slowly starting to get some call ups for the national team.

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Everton– to all efc fans who say lots of players are coming an goin. these players are the only ones leaving this summer, Andy Van Der Meyde– Nominal fee, Moyes just wants his 35, 000 wages off the bill. James Beattie–biffa hasn't worked out, basically not good enough, to be fair he does give his all and hasn't complained once, good on your James but goodbye. Wright and Pistone have been released and Gary Naysmith could head for 1 of the old firm, Moyes will keep Gary if doesn get the right offer as he sees him as valuable squad man and he won't leave if the blues don't sign a left back. Coming in– these are the players on the list– NOT all will sign–bids won't be lodged for all either.

an expierenced gk on bosman so iain Turner can be loaned out all season if gk is not signed Turner will be no 2.

RB– Luke Young, Glen Johnson


LB– Baines, Heinze

Mid–Barton, Fernandes (loan), Reo–Coker, Parker

LW–Richardson, Etherington, Barnes

St–Nugent–IF Everton buy a striker it will be Nugent only at the right price–if not they won't buy one, there better with Cahill off Johnson anyway, and they have Vaughan, anichebe Mcfadden.


Everton are set to swoop for the highly rated 18 year old centre back James Wilson at Bristol City Moyes has had him wached on several occassions in the last year after having a bid rejected last year


Jagielka (Everton appear to be winning the chase however)

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