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Nathan Broadhead

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2 hours ago, Goodison Glory said:

Are his wages being paid? Genuine question. It's common I think for lower league clubs to ask higher clubs to keep paying some of the wages when the youngsters are on decent wages (even 5k a  week can be high for a lower league club).

it's a quid pro quo - you keep paying his wages as you would anyway and we will give him game time that you can't.


Honestly don’t know the details. Just presumed they would pay some kind of loan fee, or at least a portion of his wages. 
But even if it’s only a portion, I would expect him to be on low wages.

So giving him experience could mean we get a few for him if we sell him, or better still that experience turns him into a better player.

Good business all around really.

Obviously  presuming we get something for him.

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56 minutes ago, Hafnia said:

Absolutely shocking. Recall a player to try and sell him for a few quid cos we’ve literally got no ability to get anyone in.  That’s what it will be. 

Not really understanding the logic there, if we have no ability to get anyone in then selling him for a few quid (making no difference to our buying power/attractiveness) is an irrelevance, there's no connect at all. It's a little odd but in no way shocking in the grand scheme of things.

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