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Steven Fletcher

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Moyes won't even play our own youngsters FFS, if he is going for this boy, get him and farm him out on loan to a Fizzy pop league outfit for experience, as he should with some of our own young talent.


Use em or lose em, Ginge.







Spot on Mac, just thinking the same thing, there is no point gettin another youngster in just to rot in the youth and reserves, either put faith in them, loan them out or fuck em off, its just a waste of time otherwise. I for one would love us to make something of these youngsters, would like to see a bit of faith in them. Has that Spencer lad been shipped out on loan does anyone know? If not surely he could be used in the league cup match?


As for Fletcher, if we can get him brilliant, as long as something comes out of it instead of having him a few years then letting him go on a free to a divison 2 club.

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Im happy with normal goals.




Me too mate .


We've already got Victor breaking into the first team and Jimmy Vaughan to come back ( i hear he bagged for the reserves the other week ) and the only reason i can see us signing another young forward would be if the backroom staff don't think Vaughans leg is gonna hold out for very long .

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It's three years ago now since the Fletcher/Everton rumourama was around but right now it seems like something could come of it. He will not want to be at Hibernian all his career and with his Dad being from the area Everton are he'll most certainly fancy it here. I don't know a great deal about the lad but he looks good enough. Moyes seems to want him and I have full faith in him.



Spanish giants Real Madrid are expected to mount a £4m move for Hibs striker Steven Fletcher in the summer.
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