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5 Things You Need To Know

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1.The Gaining of the Shrews

Shrewsbury have a new supporter- after buying him on eBay. Former Arsenal fan Steve Brown put his loyalties up for auction after becoming disillusioned with the Premiership after the Ashley Cole affair. A winning bid of £102.63 from a Shrewsbury fanzine secured his support.


2. We'll see you all in court

The Premier League have threatened legal action against the makers of 'Little Hooliganz', small figures that depict 'hooliganz' in team colours. A spokesman said 'Anything that celebrates or trivalises hooliganism in any form is deplorable'.


3. Chelsea player in popularity shocker

Children aged between 6 and 11 have voted Andriy Shevchenko the most likeable player in British football in a CBBC poll. Cristiano Ronaldo was unsurprisingly found to be the most unpopular, disliked for his unsporting behaviour.


4. Football saves lives

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, organization Spirit of Soccer is using football as a way of teaching landmine safety through football. Jim Marshall, programme director, explained that football is "a very simple sport" and as such is "conducive to presenting very simple ideas, like 'don't step on landmines'."


5. Lua Lua makes a difference

Lomano Lua Lua has set up a foundation for street children in Congo. He has built a hostel, sport and education drop-in centre in the capital Kinshasa after being shocked by the seeing the amount of war orphans there were on his return visits to his homeland.

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thought the first was funny, but the Lua Lua one was really good good on the man :)



Didnt Lua Lua lose his son as well, last year during the African Cup of Nations?

He was never told about it since they didnt want him to leave his country (who were in the semis then)


Good man, that Lua Lua. There's more to him than those wacky summersaults.

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