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Groundshare Ruled Out


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Would be sad to see Anfield be torn down but we got to move with the times, i guess. Arsenal will be maing 7 million a year more than us through ticket sales and Man Ure even more. So i believe we need to increase our capacity as well to keep up with them.



But does this basically mean that Everton and Us will not be sharing the same ground? I think so.


And i for one, am pleased.

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Im pleased aswell, I'd rather have our own ground.


Funny how that deadline for the funds got moved to suit Liverpool though isnt it?  <_<   Also that the council wouldnt let us build on Stanley Park, bit of favouritism there


Most of the liverpool councilors are reds and that whole deal was rubber stamped before the planning sheets were dry. Disgusting the whole situation.

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Cant understand why EFC didnt object, after applying first and being refused.


And now the council want us to stay within the boundaries, and not go out to Knowsley, Cheeky fookers.


They should have said yes to the Daddy, and not give in to the Offspring.




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This whole situation smacks of bias, who has ever heard of a 999 year lease?, does this mean the Vernon Sangster will be knocked down?.


There are many things to be ironed out yet, and if the RS can't raise the money to re-generate Stanley Park the deal falls through.


Why should the people of the Everton/Anfield area miss out on havinf a recreational area in which to spend time. What happens to the Saturday league who play their games on that grassed area?.


What the f*ck is going to happen to our main parking area if this goes ahaed, will they turn Analfield into a car park?. I DON'T F*CKING THINK SO, it will proably be turned into site of historic interest.


It also means the c*nts are even closer to us.


Thank you for listening, that was my 2000th post. :D





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