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The Away Game - Doco

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Watched a Doco alst Night on national geo & it was called the Away game.


It was all about overseas based Australian footballers . Top show & gives an insight in to what a youngster @ times 15/16 goes thorugh when shifting half the way round world to puch for a dream. Language barriers, culture etc.


Inc's time & chat's with the players Tim Cahill, Lucas Neil, Mark Bresciano, John Aloisi, Zelko Kalac, Vinnie Grella, Joe Skoko & others. ( Skoko Tells a great tale of his time in Turkey & the actual sacrifcing then burial of a Goat on the ptich & how it blew his mind)


Anyhow's on to the jist they have a good natter ( Narrated by Anthony laPaglia) wif are Top Cat Timmy & he gives some real insight in to his own story...1st contract 250 quid a week, Parents hockin house to get him over etc etc.


Also gives a great insight & clue, as 2 where are lad get's his drive. His family is Massive & in every sense of the word.


Timmy tells with love how his stout Samoan mother would beat the shit out of him with a sandal.....as Just the way we were..& that while he isnt that small he is the runt due to..well he said youll see...LOL...When you meet my family.


Fuk me.


Were talking 300 Tonne Wu tanging Pacific Island gangsta lookin types, With tatts on their faces n shit, few teeth, lots of hair & Muscles in their shit.


Fair grounding 4 a lad & he genuinely seems apreciative of his lot, his oppo & seems driven to improve every time he takes the paddock.


Managers Dream.


Dont no if can get this via DL etc or whatever, but well wrth the hour. Keep an eye out on Nat Geographic or similar I suppose.


Edit..Some CLown (me) Put inWrong forum........ :blink::huh::lol:

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