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Hello From Hot Tenerife


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This is the life. Drink all night and sleep all day ony getting up for food and more beer.


Can´t be bothered to read through everything that has been happening since I left so if any decent news would be gratefull if could post here.


Will be on internet every few days

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Just heard a newsflash that due to unpredictable weather patterns caused by the Coriolis Effect that bends every wind on Earth, and results in a distinct pattern of winds around the world (in the mid-latitudes, and notably in Tenerife, most winds are westerlies) blowing from the west and can bring snow as early as September. Elsewhere they blow mainly from the east; for example the steady winds blowing towards the equator from the subtropics.

The Corolis Effect is particularly strong this year and snowstorms are predicted for this week-end. Seriously.


Hey, hope you're having a good time Adam B) .

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Cheers people.


Yeah managed to watch the game. Didn´t get in til 6 on the saturday moirning and was a struggle to get up at 12 for the football but manged just and got there with 5 minutes to spare.


Pub was packed maybe about 50 people in there and only 4 of us where Everton fans. so it was even better.


Great day that was.

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