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The 'Poll poll'


What is your opinion of Graham Poll since the derby result, has it changed?  

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  1. 1. What is your opinion of Graham Poll since the derby result, has it changed?

    • I've always liked him
    • I like him more after the result
    • I've always thought he was ok
    • I dislike him more
    • I have never liked him

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No. But i thought he was englands best referee and felt a bit bad for him when he fucked up at the WC.


But in all honesty he had a bad game today.



how did he fuck up in the world cup? i thought he was one of the best ref in the touranment.


your just bitter because your team lost to a better team

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Hes a tit, and I can not beleive how blindly biased your are xavier, the ref is clearly and always has been a RS supporter


You dont know what your on about, basically because a few little desicions didnt go your way and you lost 3-0. So, who is bitter? now


welcome to the real world when every descision doesnt go RS's way FFS

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I always thought he was ok and felt bit sorry for him at the WC ( i mean why didn't the 4th official or someone tell him what he'd done as they are also supposed to keep a count of the amount of bookings ) .


On the basis of the Derby he had a fookin awful game , every time an Everton player jumped for the ball he gave a foul to Liverpool .


Seems to be the case in most games now that if a player doesn't attempt to jump for a ball the defender is always going to go over the back of him through no fault of his own and a free kick is given and that happened far too much for my liking yesterday when Yobo and Lescott got the better of Crouch in the air they got a foul given against them cos Crouch dodn't even attempt to jump .


Fair play Hibbert handballed in the area and it should have been a penalty to the RS i think but other than that we got very little out of Poll yesterday and the fact we still won 3-0 fills me with a warm glow . :)

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where have you been for the past 3 months.


he sent off dario simic (i think) after giving him 3 yellow cards.


and tbh that is one almighty kickup *in voice of officer crabtree*



i just double checked the stats in croatias games.


and i cant see any 3 yellow cards next to any players name

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