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Everton V Liverpool Pics


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Does anyone have a photo of the Scoreboard? i've got one but i took it at half time and then those idiots scored a third! HOW DARE YOU!  :lol:



Go to General Everton Discussion, and then down to the Wallpaper thread posted by Louis, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.





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Got that as my desktop in work, the pic not the flag  :D


We had a banner up in the pub after, must be 20 foot long, black with white writing "Everton FC" on the top, a skull and cross boned in the middle and "we fear no man" accross the bottom its quality.


:lol: it sounds it fish :lol::lol:

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I can confirm this 'fish has left the ground early by choice only twice in his life, once on my first game when my uncle wanted to miss the rush (instead we missed Cottee's third goal) and last season when we got beat by Wigan and I felt the urge to storm around the bullens looking for a pie eater to take my fustrations out on (there were far too many police around which saved me from my own stupidity)!


I hate when people leave early win, loose or draw but those who storm out with 10mins to go whenever we loose but stand on their seat singing with the rest of us when we win realy piss me off :angry:


Typical RS in that piccy anyway, probs all back on the motorway or on their way to the airport by the time the whistle went ;)

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