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We Never Looked Like Losing! They Never Looked


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our midfield and defence contained all their "big names".


a great tactical display. rafa was out-thought and out manoevered.


they rarely looked dangerous in front of goal, but when aj got anywhere near the ball their back four went into panic mode.


hibbo back for the first time was as solid as ever. lescott and yobo didnt give an inch.


we were so much better than them that it was starting to get embarrassing. after all theyve spent £30 mill on new players. how much does that make rafa's spending spree sincve he arrived?


they had a couple of periods when they managed to put us under pressure but i never believed they had that extra that would get the ball in the net. and i dont think that they had that belief either.


on the other hand Johnson looked like he could have managed their back four on his own.


i wouldnt go so far as to say it was a doddle. but it was easy!



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Just as well it is goals scored that counts then eh.



this will be a severe setback to liverpool fc. they were lucky to draw with the blades, they were lucky to beat west ham! they are not looking good in any department.


after spending £30 mill in the summer maybe rafa should try to get a cash refund for one or two his new guys!


right now they dont look like a side that will be challenging for anything this season.

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