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nace did well. better than usual for him. he may not be the best defender but he put in a 110% effort during the game and thats more than what we expect from our players. yes he nearly scored an own goal but then agan he very nearly got himself on the scoresheet so well done.


IMHO i thought howard was MOTM. calm cool and a rock. made some stunning saves and if it were wright in goal it would have been a different story.

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Like pat said you could pick 4 or 5.

Aj for the endless running, and more obviously the 2 goals.

Howard for always looking in command AND having a safe pair of hands

Neville for covering every blade of grass on the pitch, and letting the reds know he was about with some great tackles.

And what about Lescott, 3 games for us and thrown into a derby match, i thought he was tremendous, never seen him out muscled all day, what a huge fooker he his. Him and yobo look so good together.


But i finally went for Neville as M O T M, cos a lot had already gone for AJ.

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Howard was safe as houses in goal , Neville and Carsley outstanding in midfield , TC for putting himself about and unsettling the RS prima-donna's ............


.......... but for me i have to go for AJ , the stamina of the lad is oustanding and the unsettling effect he has on defenders is amazing .


The RS fans will point to the fact that his 1st goal was a Carragher errror but had AJ not been there to chase the ball down ( a ball that looked like a lost cause aswell ) then the goal chance would never have been created .


His second goal may have been Reina's error but AJ had the good sense to chase the ball down and was presented with a gift from pepe ( at a stage of the game where most players who had done as much running as he had from the start would have been too tired to even consider chasing another ball down ) .


The lads attitude is fantastic and his love for the club and the fans already seems evident .


AJ all the way for me . :D

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i think the whole team played well but if i was forced to choose just one the i would say howard he made some top saves



naysmith had a good game,as did everyone in defence.


but aj, apart from the goals worked non-stop. he was upfront on his own, and the reds were obviously terrified of him.


he'd have to be MOM for me.


but the goalie also proved his worth. i hope we can get him signed asap.

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