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Serious Question...really.


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Wondered this for ages..can anyone tell me...


It's a fact that there is a fixed amount of water on the planet earth. It constantly rotates in The Water Cycle..ie..


The sun shines on water in rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands and oceans and makes the water warmer. This, through evaporation, turns the water into vapour or steam. The water vapour leaves the lake or ocean or river and goes into the air, where it becomes a cloud.


When the temperature is warm, like during the spring or summer, clouds get so full of water that rain starts to fall. The rain falls onto the land and runs into streams and rivers. The water in the streams and rivers runs into lakes and finally into the ocean. Some of the rain that falls soaks into the ground and stays there until plants drink it or until it goes deep enough into the ground that it is called "groundwater" and goes to people's wells.


So we can't destroy water or create more of it...why then do we need to save it?


Seriously! Just something to mull over on a Sunday evening...or am I being stupid? Probably :lol: there's a first time for everything ;) .

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It's just about the water companies not wanting to have to actually spend any of the money we give them every month treating the dirty water!


Makes me laugh that I pay them more than my mum pays every month while there is 4 people in their house and one in mine how the fook does that work??


Plus I can have a water meter to calculate exactly how much I use but theres an 8 month waiting list during which time I jus have to keep paying and once the meter is in they wont refund the overpayments I'v been making for the past few years. What a bunch of wainkers :rolleyes:

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well you need to take into consideration that 75% of the earths surface is water however only 10% is drinkable.


and also the water cycle isnt even around the earth. if it was then there wont be deserts or droughts.


and also (in the current 'drought in the UK') we spend more water in drainage than the water fills the resovoirs. but in most years we have enough rain to balance it out.

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Yea but the water that drains away doesn't disappear..it just trots off and rejoins the cycle...and sea water may not be drinkable but the salt doesn't evaporate with it..so all rain is drinkable. And don't talk to me about water rates fish! We're far and away the highest in the country down here...paying for all the bloody tourists and surfer dudes piling down here. Just grateful VW's are air cooled or it'd be even worse :lol: !

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