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The 'Everton Arena'


Which site do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which site do you prefer?

    • Kirkby
    • Speke Mersey Retail Park
    • The unannounced North Liverpool site

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This is a tough one.....


on the one hand there is the emotion attatchment to a beautiful old lady who has passed her sell by date, and on the other hand for us to progress we must move. I know it has been theorised that Goodison could be revamped, not very realistic, that would cost as much as a new stadium.


That first emotion wrench is bad enough but then we argue over where we are going to move to...............


I voted for the un-named site in the hope that parking facilities and general access will be of a higher quality, no f*ck off traffic queues stretching in all directions mixing with other regular traffic. Good access from a major road/motorway is essential ie. The Riverside down in Boro.


It is so rare that I get to enjoy a live game, and I would love to see Everton take their place as one of the top 5 grounds in the country.


I suppose my point is this as long as we have to move, lets make it a move that will last for at least another 100 years, and if thats the case, make the move to the best possible site with an eye on future developments.





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id go with Kirkby, because they actually want to help us out, Liverpool only want to help now bacause we have another option.


the parking doesnt really bother me, ok we walk a couple of miles to Goodison. everybody has their little areas where they park every week, so the traffic is spread out a litlle bit. if anyone else has been to the "new age" stadiums which have onsite car parks (expensive at that) they are a bitch to get out of after games

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