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New Look.


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Well if you would have read the topic started by Louis in the general Everton chat you would know....


honestly Mike.....


Ooh I feel such a fool...it's my age you know. Hold on while I have another "Worthers Original", adjust me surgical appliance, take another pill and I'll be back up to speed :lol: ...


topic started by Louis in the general Everton


...am I being thick...I still can't see anything?

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So can we all have Cyber Sex together now ?...Cool...Life is worth living again.


Top Additions & looks a treat.


Yeh & Licker's gonna shit...Heel be thinking he has cracked a Bi Focal after trudging home on foot from the Costa del wherever the fuk he his marching home from........ :lol::lol::lol:


Damned Progress.

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Password is accepted but it then returns to log-in....very strange, and can we please have the options back on the top of the forum, i cannot open the options to click the forum as read.


I'm clicking onto all the posts that ive already read before, thinking they are new posts. so annoying. :(

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Oh yeah it looks good, it would be great if everything worked. There are so many people having probs since it was re-arranged IT JUST CANT BE CO-INCIDENCE. Cyber staff who can't get into the staff room, and can't work the forum as it should be worked, several members getting Virus's, and other people cant even open some forums.


It was ok when i went away, and i changed nothing on my PC, so anything that has gone wrong must be due to the change.

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