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Problems With New Board


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Only managed to post on General Everton discussion before by using last post info .


Can gain access to Macs Shed , Arcade , Misc stuff , academy , Rumours and Match days but can't get in on any of the other forums at all .


When i click on either General Everton Discussion , Introductons , off topic discussion or General football discussion the green bars load the page up at the bottom then say done but i'am just left with a blank page and can only access the last post using last post info on the right .


Don't know wether this will sort itself out over the next few days but it seems to be happening on all the forums that i use the most ( which is a pain ) . :angry:


Anyone else having the same trouble ???????


Please help ladies and gents . :)

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New development !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




If i log out completely i can access all of the forum rooms ok and every topic is fine but then as soon as i log in again under my user name i cannot access General , off topic , introductions or Everton rooms at all .


I dfont think it is my computer cos i can access them everytime i'am on apart from when i log in so i haven't got a clue what is happening .


This is seriously pi55in me off now cos i can;t see why this is happening . ????????????????



Need help , lots of it ????????????????????????/ :angry:

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HELLO. havin the same probs as PAT, no entry to staffroom, and sometimes pages wont load up.




PS........also the options wont open up, so everytime i manage to get into forums it looks as if they have loads of new posts, but its because i cant open options and ""Click forum as read.""

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Ive played with cookie settings...No Joy......I have played with Pop Up blocker.....No Joy....I have manually allowed TT pop ups & all cookies etc....No Joy.


Stillc nat get in Staff rooom.


Have also found some probs ins etting polls...i.e wont let you close for only mvoting like used 2..>closes whole topic so no one can vote.


Great new additons & look...But still the board aint wrkin like it happillyw as.


Starting to become & annoying & amkes it hard for the Mods etc being locked out of staff room.


Weve lost Foz to a sim cookie type thing...& now Willo is mailing me & uno he ahs the exacto syptoms foz had before he was lost to oblivion, coz he couldnt get on & post etc.


Just sounds familair & wonder if it is our end rather than the pc users end?


Shame, ive also noticed the traffic ahs slowed also alstw eek or so...& wonder if we have lost any others ina sim way to foz & willo & they just havenmt piped up.


Thsi really needs adressing & is a detriment to the whole community @ the monet & everyone is feeling it.


As always am avial to help in any way etc as are many.


Lets get thois sorted peeeps.

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Cant even log out now? anyone else sim prob?...comes up with an you are not authorised to use this feature...lol...to log out ..fuk me does anyone give a shit about all these probs? we are losing good members 2.


oh shut up Pat no one gives a fuk if it aint happenin to them. Am affraid ill be joinin foz & willo vey soon ( not thru choice) as every cple day's im picking up a new glitch here.


Sayanora...hope not.

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Can't be allowed to happen...someone's got to get it sorted. What's the latest? Is someone on the case...can it be reset back to the old spec? We'd lose a few of the new features but better that than losing members surely!


(I can't log out either...or access individual members post history in their profile)

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Usual things still happening, options wont open up, cant get into staff room, and picking up virus threats when i go into arcade, but i can post and i can read.

Its just the little annoying things that have ive never had before. I THINK LOUIS IS TRYING TO SORT IT.


Well i hope he is. ;)


PS......................i Never log out.

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Still havin trouble getting in certain forums but have been logging out to access them and only logging in to post but now the bar-steward wont even let me log out , just keeps saying i dont have autherisation to use this feature or something of the likes . :angry:


Gonna have another spliff and a beer and cheer myself up methinks :D


P.S. Get well soon TT

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Most people have tried to sort themselves out, but people are having problems with a few forums.


I'm still sulking about not being able to get any Toffee's for the shed, no staff room access, not being able to log off.


But at least most can read and post mate.





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