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42 minutes ago, dunlopp9987 said:

I bought a Beckford shirt thinking he was gonna be our #9 for a while. Haven't put that one on in quite a few years 🤦‍♂️

Hope you had #16 on the back as that was his number 🤣

To be honest I went through a phase of always getting a name and number on the back of my shirts, so that when looking back they could be a memory as such of that season. I've got the usual ones; Coleman, Baines, Arteta and Cahill was my first ever name/number but I've always had some mad ones just because I personally loved the players in question. The shirt we made the FA Cup final in has ''Neville, 18'' on the back as I loved him as captain, one of my black away shirts has ''Naismith, 14'' and most out of the box is my Everton shirt with the amber collar (2012/13), which has ''Vellios, 27'' as I loved him and really wanted him to break into the first team. 

I've got them all in a box, but get them out from time to time and wear them. The only player that I have on the back of my shirt that I have little time for is Eto'o, but one bad choice out of several isn't going to keep me up at night. On another note when Arteta moved to Arsenal I can remember my Dad whipping out the iron and burning his name and number off the back 😅!

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