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Wolves (Away) Tuesday 12 January

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I enjoyed that the chemistry between James and Iwobi was great to see, Digne taking his man on and getting some world class crosses in, Keane and Mina strong in the centre of defence and bringing the ball out, Davies owning the centre of the pitch. 
Players to improve 2nd half Doucoure Gylfi Godfrey Holgate.  

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Great game from Davies 👏👏👏

I definitely did not see this result coming when the team was announced. That's an understatement tbh . However, it became clear quite quickly that it wasn't going to be the mauling I feared. And

In the process of injuring himself he'd probably take out James for the rest of the season. That's the level of weapon of mass destruction we're talking here.

2 minutes ago, Bailey said:

I think its safe to say it has been a little better than expected. Not a lot has really happened but we have created two good chances and scored one. 

My feeling of the game is that it is there for Wolves. They have got into some decent positions around the edge of our box and they have found some space but haven't done anything with it and I expect they will at some stage.

That being said, Wolves aren't the same strong defensive team with four at the back and we have shown that we can get at them with the right ball (James) and run (Iwobi). Chuck Richarlison on later and it could get interesting.

Doucoure and Digne need a rocket at half time. Davies has been hit and miss for me. I start thinking he was doing something well and then he makes a basic error. He just needs to tighten up his play that little bit. 

Agree with all this mate. Godfrey hasn’t been great as well.

Davies just needs to tighten up the simple passes. I think defensively he’s been excellent, very mature positioning - he’s cutting passing lanes when he’s not pressing the ball. 

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27 minutes ago, Palfy said:

James and Iwobi definitely on the same wavelength, you can tell they’ve come from teams that have coached football is a pass and move game, great skills between them. 

Great to watch. Very Arsenal with the runs. Shame we haven't still got Walcott he'd have been lapping them passes up. 

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10 minutes ago, Zoo 2.0 said:

André Gomes is coming on for Tom Davies.

Nice to have some fresh legs in the midfield but I would like it up front too. It's not that he has had a bad game, but I'd be looking at either moving Gylfi back or replacing him altogether and replacing him with Tosun or Charlie (would much prefer the latter).

It's happening - Gylfi coming off for Richarlison.

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We're just boss in the air aren't we? Yet another headed goal to add to the collection, it's not close to being over but what a position to be in. Just shut up shop and keep it tight lads, manage the game out.

Go down, stay down - move the ball into the corners.

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