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Hi all, just want to introduce myself. My name is Chris, and I have been an Everton fan longer than I care to remember. Been a tough ride as my twin is a red, but then again we are here to help the less fortunate.


I currently live in London and only ever get to see the odd game, which is a shame. When I quit playing myself that may change.


But one thing that will never change is being a blue!


Top site, been checking in for a while now, so long may it continue!

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Welcome mate, play yourself you say, any one good :D

I am not a pro or anything like that. I play for a team in London called Westside. We are a local team who started 10 years ago. This year we won the FA National Charter Club of the year. Had a nice presentation at the England vs Macedonia match (nothing to shout about there though!) :)


if you interested, this is our website. http://www.westsidefc.co.uk/


Thanks for all the welcomes, I look forward to joining in the banter shortly!

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Crikey, there are loads of us round here! Marvelous!!!


Most of the boys I know round here are Chelsea, Liverpool Man U or Arsenal fans. Surprisingly!


Most London based teams have support round here plus Pompey and the usual Liverpool/Man U "fans" who wouldn't know there home grounds if they fell over them!!


Being home to the University of Surrey though, you can get to see shirts wandering around town representing most teams

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