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What Bunch Of Fookin Pansies!

Steve L

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I still can't believe what I watched on Saturday evening.

Talk about gob smacked!

How fucking light weight is our team?

What commitment? Not asking much are we?

Just to see a bit of effort for the shirt. Just for the odd 90 minutes.

We've got every right to be annoyed.

We pay a small fortune every year to see our team put the effort in for us.

If we get out played, fine! But we should never get out fought!

Some of these poncy bastards lack the guts to get stuck in.

A very few will die for the cause but you can count these on less than one hand.

It's not anywhere near good enough.

In fact it's shite! And I, for one am pissed off with the attitude and fucking excuses we keep getting. All the hard luck stories!

You make your own luck in this life. It's time DM got his fuckin' finger out and rocketed some of these lifeless bastards, 'cause if he doesn't get it sorted he'll be out of a job by christmas.

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Gave it a rest for a bit, cos that R S kato was filling every thread with a load of Drivel, but have got to say something about that non-performance yesterday.


After 2 wins with an unchanged team, Can anybody explain to me why the manager chose to completely unbalance the team by bringing kilbane in on the left, swithing VDM to the right, and switching Arteta inside. One straight swap was all that was needed..... Osman in for the tired Cahill.


In the two wins we had before this game we didnt attack through the middle we attacked down the wings, VDM has two assists for our two goals, and some of the crosses that he and Arteta put over are the stuff that BT needs. He's upset the whole team by moving 3 players when all that was needed was to bring one player in.

Another thing is, whats wrong with Valente, Ferrari, Kroldrop...? Per K, COST US NEARLY £5M, and the couple of games he played early season, suggests to me that he's a decent player. He has to come in for Weir.


Some facts.........Wigan have exactly the same tally of points as we had in November last year. We had won 8, drawn 1, lost 3 ==25pts, they better us by the fact they are 2nd, we were 3rd. UP TO THEN WE HAD ONLY LOST TO ARSENAL, SPURS, and CHELSEA.and didnt lose our 4th game until 28th december against Charlton.


Then the rot set in Spurs, tanked us 5-2 THE FIRST GAME OF THE NEW YEAR, and in the 19 games till the end of season we only won 6,drew 3, lost 10.


What i'm trying to get across here is that IN MY OPINION, DM IS LACKING IN TACTICS AND TEAM SELECTION, HIS MAN MANAGMENT SKILLS NO LONGER EXIST. I said a couple of weeks ago that i would give him till Christmas to pull it around but i think they are getting worse. He spent, how much ?? to improve the team of last season, and to be honest they look a lot worse this season. We need a leader on the field to shake them up. Phil Neville looked like that player when he arrived but even his head as gone down and looks as though he's banging his head against the wall. Nobody seems to be able to shake them up.


Now here comes the doom and gloom..... I think this is the season we have been fighting off for the last ten years, i can feel it in the air. I can see it in the faces and attitude of the players and the manager. I doubt very much if any Decent players will come to us in the window.

Prepare yourself for the Championship, the coca cola league, or whatever its called...............................SAD TIMES.

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Guest fozzie22

Good post toffee.....


This season so far is a shocker in terms on DMs tatics..his refusal to leave weir out is mind boggling tbh,and while martyn was great for us last season i think the big man is nearing the end of his career now,just a shame he wasnt a few years younger.


Since the trun of the year the results have been awful,relegation form if you like,call me a doommonger if you like,but its a truth,and a hurtful one at that.


We needed more players last summer,the squad has been run down over a period of years and frankly this must go down to both the board and DM as an utter dusgrace,i've said many times that 3rd divsion clubs leave sorting out contracts till they run our,not PL clubs..unless of course you happen to be Everton.


Now this is gross mis-management at boardroom level,and if we happened to be a PLC then something could be done about it,but of course nothing can happen because BK and his dimwits have us sown up tighter than a camels arse in a sanstorm.


I can take being beaten by a better team,thumped even,but what i cannot stand is seeing my team getting hammered by probably the 2nd worst team in the PL.

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