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Conor Gallagher

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Its a difficult position for Chelsea with Gallagher - they are not going to want to sell him to a top 6 rival, and if you maybe add Newcastle to the mix with their new money and extremely fortunate start to the new regime, it now maybe a top 7 of teams with a bona fida shout for a top 4 finish. Some of these big teams miss CL football for 2-3 seasons and their revenues are going to fall off a cliff, but have wage bills that actually dwarfs ours. These teams will not be immune to FFP. You can't stockpile players nowadays.

They are going to have to let some players go.

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3 minutes ago, badaids said:

If he leaves Chelsea, he'll never agree to come here, and honestly is spunking all the dough we just got for Gordon on one player a good idea? I like him a lot, but I don't see where he's going to fit in in the Dyche system.

He’s literally the perfect midfielder for ‘the Dyche system’ - a Jeff Hendrick hybrid! Don’t think we’ll be seeing him here though.

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If you could gaurentee Dom staying fit, I would say this type of signing would be just what we need. Someone from midfield that is going to burst into the box and score goals. 

I would be very nervous having to play the rest of the season with a front two of Maupay and Simms though with only Gray, Iwobi and McNeil as wide players.

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1 hour ago, Matt said:

To be fair though, how much have people complained about the length of thr contracts we've given. 

I don't disagree with that at all and am not opposed to loans. We've given out some ridiculous contracts in recent history. 

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