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West Ham (Home) 18th Sept


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Thought it was evident that the extra time between games really didn't do us any good at all. At times we played some really good football but at other times we were so sloppy - over and under hitting simple passes and we really struggled to get a consistent fast tempo to our play. We were too pedestrian, too often.

When we did click with the ball, though, we were good to watch for the most part. As has often been the case we were lacking that final ball. Fortunately we found a good final ball at least once, and then Maupay did the rest with a lovely strike.

Then it was just down the defence because we started getting deeper and deeper once we scored. While we got lucky a few times we saw the game out and got that much needed first win.

It's unfortunate that we've got another break now because, as we've shown often, we don't tend to perform well after a break and it would've been nice to try and go on a run of wins.

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I think it was a very even game from two teams that have a bit more endeavour than quality at this moment in time. It was a game that could have gone either way but that moment of quality from Maupay was the difference.

Begovic didnt really have a lot to do, but he did he was assured and appears to be the best back up we have had for a long time.

Patterson was very ropey early on and generally I didn't think he had his best game but his touch at the end to bail out the two centre backs was brilliant. It typifies him, because he doesn't give up on anything even if it doesn't come off.

I am going to pair the two centre backs together because it was a weird game in that they both made plenty of mistakes however when they did, the other was there to get them out of trouble. It was great to watch as usually it is the other way around. A great partnership beats two great individuals and it showed.

Mykolenko was still a bit of a strange one. He doesn't offer a lot of quality going forward and his defending is hit and miss. Just like it was in the derby, going down the line he is really good and comfortable, when they cut inside he gets beaten far too easily.

Gueye was really good again. He did what he does best, keeping it simple and being able to go and break up the play from that deeper position.

Onana was a bit disappointing. He did a couple of things that make you think we have a player and then he disappears from the game and at times lacks intensity. He has time on his side.

Iwobi was fantastic. It was almost a faultless display and he was the catalyst for all our forward moves.

Gray has his best game for a long time as well. He really drove at West Ham time and time again and they didn't cope with him very well. The disappointing thing was the end product again but it will always be hit and miss with him.

Gordon was really poor. We could do with someone else putting a bid in for him to perk him up again!

Maupay did well with what he was given. We struggled to really get him into the game but he gets that one half chance and boom he scores. It was a great finish and by all accounts it is what he does. Messes up the easier ones and scores the harder ones.

I don't remember loads about the subs, but Doucoure looked like his usual self when he came on. Lots of running, no quality.

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