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Newcastle H 27 April

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McNeil giving up the ball easily allowed that break…

Pickford doing what he does too often, palming the ball into danger…

Dyche can’t do nowt about that but he could have dropped Godfrey who has been AWFUL for weeks for his other full back.

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Wow it's even clearer how shit we are when you watch us in person. I was at the preseason match when we were demolished by Minnesota but chalked that off due to preseason. 

It's really shocking watching us in person. I've made peace with us going down at this point. 

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6 minutes ago, Shukes said:

Saving the shot and it coming off the defenders backside is bad goalkeeping?


It wasn’t exactly fizzing. It was placed, seen keepers catch them.  Bare minimum he should punch it the way it flying. He palms it into traffic. 

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From what I have seen we just need to show some composure. When we get into the final third, everyone is shitting a brick and playing terrible balls into Dom. We played better balls into Maupay and Gray and we need to take that same approach to Dom. I have no idea why Gana is taking long shots and free kicks. We just need to stop rushing these attacks and work the ball into better positions.

We do look shaky going the other way. Its no surprise to see Godfrey fuck it up. He shouldn't be letting his man go inside but Gana should also have covered the space. 

The game is still there for us. We must keep going and not panic.

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4 minutes ago, RPG said:

I liked this starting eleven but it needs changing. Patterson for Godfrey and maybe Garner for Gueye. I'd also look to get Gray on early in the second half - either on a wing or up front to play off DCL.

If we can all see it why can’t Dyche?

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