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Newcastle H 27 April

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Just now, Hafnia said:

This is on dyche… all on him. To play Godfrey who has been at fault for 2 goals and still not take him off.


btw he won’t sub Godfrey cos that would be an admission of guilt 

I don't think Patterson is the answer to our prayers.

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3 minutes ago, badaids said:

We have but he’s made a lot of poor team and tactical decisions the last 3 weeks after a great start.

I'm surprised Doucoure hasn't had the finger pointed at him. I'm even more surprised he's allowed straight back into the team. His lack of discipline may have been a major factor in our inevitable relegation.

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3 minutes ago, Bailey said:

That all came from a really shite long ball. 

Then the back four were all over the place, Keane in particular absolutely nowhere. Heads have gone.

How many times have we seen that under Dyche though? One long ball clearing our whole defence and conceding a chance?

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1 minute ago, chicagoblue said:

No but a blind man could see that Godfrey was nowhere near it all game 

He hasn't been the last however many times he's played. Unfortunately we lack any quality in the fullback positions so it's a lose lose for Dyche

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Just now, memmaclub2 said:

DcL will leave for 20 mil. 
 Keep Tarkovsky and let everyone else go

Get him gone, no excuse for the board not to buy another striker then and we might actually have someone who can play a hand full of games.

He's incredibly over rated anyway.

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At least its offside.

The difference in composure and execution between the sides is huge. We did a lot of good stuff for 60ish minutes but we when it came to key decisions, we made bad choice after bad choice.

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