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"Fifa has revealed that 58% of players who were given treatment for injuries at the World Cup turned out not to be injured (Sun)."


Saw that on BBC rumour mill. I wonder if there was an enforced 5 or 10 min wait on the sidelines if you are taken off the field while play goes on. Would make players think twice before rolling about on the ground if they didn't really need it.

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What really gets me is when players get stretchered off when their not injured, just seems like such a waste of time. When Oz plyed Bahrain over here a couple of weeks ago must have been about 5 players taken off on stretchers only for them to reach the sideline and jump straight back up and onto the pitch. Droobies right they should have like a 5 minute rule if you go off injured at least then players would only go off if they really needed to

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