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Everton V Newcastle


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midfield is where it will be won or lost, cahill might miss out, so we are going to need nev to keep tabs on parker and bowyer, it could possibly get a bit tasty. meyde left side, arteta right, neville and anyone but davies in the middle.


toon are a big strong side, and we will need players to back up the flair ( mick, andy ) so neville, maybe tie. duncan and beats up front, both with points to prove, and any half decent service should do us alright against that shower NUFC call a defence.


hibbert yobs kroldrup val at the back, easy does it. will need kroldrup and yobs pace and height.


shearer is out, but is a spent force, lets hope 'saint' owen remains hamstrung.


We are at home, and if someone here asks me nicely, i may post a couple of match day pics if you like.



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I hope fergie is back to be able to start alongside Beattie


Think it might be too soon for Valente


I wonder if we could go to a 3-5-2 formation








I would like to see that given a go

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were not good at early kick off's, I don't think they get up till an hour before the game.


and lunch times they've only just got up then hammerd a big lunch from the look of things.


not too confident about this one, i've predicted a win on the prediction thingy but really i'm just being hopeful about it.

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good result.


didn't play too bad, some good stuff, especially from arteta, and yobo played brilliantly.


VDM still not looking like he's got into the English game properly. a few poor crosses and a few decent moments.


a couple of poor misses showing why we don't score many goal.


McFadden at the end of the first half and Beattie's unforgiveable miss when he got nicely played in and only had the keeper to beat from 10 yards. that would have finished the game and was an appaling miss.


mcfadden played quite well, especially in the second half, got around the pitch well and got a few shots in.


our finishing is still poor but overall it wasn't a bad game.

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I thought beattie had a really good game, he's really chasing well and I think he is looking quite fit now. certainly covers a lot of ground. cleared of the line, got booked while defending and was often getting back and getting into good positions up front. also holding the ball well which was getting us a few free kicks.


Mcfadden played well at times he certainly got around well, didn't stick to anywhere in particular, sometimes he was playing very much centre forward while at other times he was there crossing from the right wing.


shame he wasted that chance inthe first half, and one in the second as well was a bit too easy for the keeper. he did make another chance for himself which i was quite impressed with but still didn't execute the shot brilliantly.

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great performance from the blues, throughly deserved the win. I think they all played well but the players that really stud out where:


martyn - was as dependable as ever, great save from shearer's shot


arteta - superb, this lad is so much better then that tart from the RS, garcia yet that twit plays? (he scored a hatrick the other week for them but hes still shit!!) i never noticed how much pace this lad had! quality player...narky little fck aswell :D


cahill - looked back to his best this weekend, got into some good positions, perhaps should have scored but take nothing away from given, smart saves


mcfadden - more performances like that will make everyone see why he was bought, looked alot more confident and had some decent efforts...good save aswell :D . he looks a good partner for BT untill we get keane that is :D


BT - played really well, ran down every lost cause...bad miss at the end but lets hope he comes back next game with a goal or 3


lets hope WBA was just a slip up and we can get back on track after this win....3 in 4 isnt that bad u n :) ...COYB!!

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