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Chance Of A Lifetime.


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Have any blues been sent the "Chance in a lifetime" message from the Club ?


I am interested in taking up the offer but it is for 2 people, so if anybody else thinks its too expensive for one person we could go together and make it a more reasonable price.....................any offers.??


edited for the offer, if you havent had it.


£200 (for two people) will secure your sponsorship and you will be entitled to the following:


Champagne reception in The Marquee

A behind the scenes stadium tour

A framed Match Sponsor certificate

Three-course meal

Pre and post match drinks

Matchday Programme & Teamsheet

Seating in the main stand's executive area

The chance to select the Man of the Match and for one lucky Evertonian to present the champagne to the chosen player

The company of Everton Legends




Dont really want to pass this up. any body got a £100 to spare. ??

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what does it cost you on the day..........??

Bus fares, or car parking plus petrol.

Fish and chips across from the ground, match programme.

couple or three pints to get the throat lubricated for the singing.

The entrance fee..... how much £30 --£40. ?.

Extra packet of ciggies and Coffee and a pie at half time.

Then the scramble to the bus or car to get away.

Then the pub again to rejoice or drown the sorrows.



Thats got to be close to £100 QUIDS WORTH.

I THINK THE OFFER IS A GOOD ONE, AS IT SAYS, ITS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY. treated like a vip, 3 course meal, drinks before and after the match, sat in executive seats, mixing with the Legends in the bar.

and a tour before the game, seeing the players in the dressing rooms.


I must remember to charge my camera up for those photo opportunities.


Anyone who's thinking about it PM or E MAIL me, so we can get things sorted.

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Envious Bill. Very.


You lads could try to make this some kind of "T-talk Meet N Greet day out" kinda thingy..be great.


Here's hoping the club offers similar next Jan as am planning on being back home fer Next Xmas.


Am going this it should be a good day out and all for £100.00 just need to sell my season ticket for the Chalton game now.


Any one wanna buy a ticket ;)

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