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Drunk Driver


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YOU MAY WELL HAVE HEARD THIS ONE BEFORE, BUT I LIKE IT.................................


A drunk football fan is driving home after a long night at the pub.

Hes completely off his head and is weaving his car all over the road.


Eventualy a cop spots him and chases him down until the steaming driver pulls over, taking a couple of bus stops with him.


The police officer steps out of his car and strides towards the car. The driver winds the window down and the police officer sticks his head in the window.


" Have you been drinking?" asked the cop


" erm n (hic) No" said the driver


" I'm sorry sir" said the cop "but I can smell alcohol and I am going to have to breathalyze you"


The driver fumbles into his glove compartment and gets out his wallet.


He produces a card from the wallet that reads - Athsmatic, please dont take breath samples


" fine, a blood test then"


The drunk then gets a card out saying Haemophilliac, please dont take blood samples.


"FINE THEN, ITS A URINE TEST!" the irritated cop shouts


Then the driver produces another card and hands it to the cop

the card reads " Liverpool supporter, please dont take the piss"

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