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Thoughts On Aj?


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Funny enough bluenose I was thinking the same sort of thing. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest as they say. With a bit of luck he will get an England game under his belt.


I think that missing the England last game (a game he may have been likley to start) due to a last minute injury has been lurking at the back of his mind somehow.


I care less for England than you Fozzie (as I'm Welsh!!!) but think the change of scenery may do him good. All I care about is him getting more goals for Everton.

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I'Am a massive fan of the national side ( second only to the mighty Blues ) and glad to see some Everton players getting the recognition they deserve .


Seems Mclaren is willing to give a few players a chance on merit and not just because they are a star name or play for one of the big 3 .


As wellas Pedro Crouchinho has done for England he clearly cannot play up front with Rooney as his lack of mobility hinders Rooneys game .


I think Johnson will make the perfect foil for Rooney in the England white , a little like when Rooney and Owen played together in Euro 2004 and looked dangerous as fook .


God save our gracious queen ............... blah blah blah !!!!!!!!! :D

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I can not see any reason for negativity about the game; Moyes did not want him to play the whole game[ that did not happen], he showed he is always a threat to the opposition. The big thing about the game was that Mclaren and his team seem 10 years behind about the game. There are 2 ways of playing 4 3 3; Either with 2 out and out wingers and then you can play any kind of striker or: You play a target man in the middle and the 2 wide players work off that. The only things the game really showed is gerrard is a nothing player when he does not give 100%. Carrick is a waste of space, and Mclaren was out of his depths and Boro and it is starting to look an embarrassment at International level.

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I am glad to see Everton players in the England squad - if only that it highlights how much better our squad is getting.


If last night game was a competative match, I have no doubt there would have been two Everton players in the starting line up. (Nellive and AJ).


As for the way McClaren used AJ - don't think the way the team was set up played to any of AJ's strengths, but he got his start and McClaren has had a chance to work with him proper.


I personnally don't think Owen will ever get near to the player he was 4 or 5 years ago, so in my opinion at the moment AJ is the best prospect of beings Rooney's regular partner in a standard 4-4-2.


Last night formation was an experiment and don't think 4-3-3 will be the norm, but AJ stuck to his role well and did what was asked of him. My look frustrating for him in the first instance, but he is now in the squad by rights and has started a game - so in my opinion it is a move in the right direction for him regarding aspiration to play for the national squad.

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lmao...you know, I will never understand by the like of McClaren think that they can get to know a player better than their own manager, and choose to play them in bizarre positions - and still think that the team the field will win. Amazing!


Anyway, like Fozzie, I could not give two hoots about England...other than our players are not injured as a result of the game.

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