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Romey 1878

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"Long term, I don't really know (what the future holds). I truly think decisions are going to be taken out of my hands.


"I think my opinion will count for something but it is a long season and I am sure Everton and Manchester United will make decisions that need to be made. If my input is wanted I am sure I will be asked. I am definitely enjoying it here but it is difficult to tell the future."


Think you're being overly pessimistic Mark....don't see how you can draw any conclusions from that. What else could he say? Last thing he wants to do is wind up Fergusen or DM so he's keeping his options open IMO.

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Given the chance to be No. 1 at United he would go back, apart from that I think he would stay. Mikes assesment of keeping his options open is blob on.


Imagin he said I want to stay but Moyes wouldn't pay the money, where would that leave him with AF and how would he look to both sets of fans?


Theres no point in speculating I have a feeling this will go the distance!

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Howards quote doesnt really tell us much about what he is think tbh. If he does join us then fantastic, if he doesnt then we will look somewere else.


very true, people are putting a lot of faith in howard signing for us after the loan deal,im not saying its misplaced,possibly just a bit early for it,if he doesnt sign though, we could always try for sebastien frey of fiorentina, cracking keeper :o

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