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The Most Stupid Thing I Have Ever Heard


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Don't quite get what this has to do with Everton :unsure: , so it'll be moved I'm sure...but..


Point 1. The Times used to be a quality paper, very sad.

Point 2. Rupert Murdoch is a cnut.

Point 3. Don't believe it's true anyway. Walls would have to change their name because their sausages don't contain bricks, and what about Brains faggots? Tabloid invention in a paper masquerading as serious.

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Faggot is a ripper.


I remeber being very young nieve & 1st hearing a man called a faggot.


Hmmm why would 1` insult some one with A meat, mushy pea & gravy term..?????


Then of course upon being edumucated.....I have still to this very day been on a quest to understand the real symantics of the textual term Bubble & Squeek..!!!

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