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Rumble In The Jungle

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Anyone see it on channel 5 las night ?????????


Thats what boxing is all about and not the fanny upstarts u c these days .


!st time i have seen the fight all the way through and it was fookin amazin .


Guess they dont make em like that anymore . <_<

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Thought this was going to be about Ant and Dec's "I-used-to-be-a minor-celebrity-but-my-career's-in-tatters-since-I-slept-with-that-hamster-so-I'm-going-to-put-a-cockroach-in-my-pants-and-a-carrot-up-my-arse-but-get-me-out-of-here-when-my-agent-says-I've-got-another-job-to-go-to" :rolleyes: But you didn't mean that :D .


Didn't see the fight last night but it was awesome indeed.

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Ali is on tonight at 9pm


Should be good


Was a bit disappointed with that Zed...it was OK but not as good as I'd hoped. Missed seeing the man in the flesh by about five minutes. He did a charity thing (unadvertised) at a restaurant just down the road from me when I lived in London, crowds just dispersing as I walked past. Was completely gutted :( .

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How pi55ed was i last nite ??????


Thort we were watching it channel 5 but r kid put the DVD on when i went for a burst .


For anyone who is interested its actually on tonight after ALI :P


P.S if u like boxing then you will witness the greatest fight of all time . :)

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That was a great fight. Though personally I prefer the fights involving Hearns, Hagler, Leaonard & Durant. Those blokes could box


Yer, they were quality


Watch a bit of Ali and mike was right it was shit, just seemed like some black propaganda BS and a bit boring


Watched Im a celeb instead

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