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Favourite Comedians?


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1. Ricky Gervais

2. Steve Coogan

3. Jimmy Carr

4. Bill Bailey

5. Peter Kay



non of these are commedians...................comedy actors maybe.

i wouldnt pay money to go and see any of them. well maybe bill bailey.


im sorry ill have to correct you there, i have stand up shows from everyone of these. Ricky Gervais started out being a comedian then ventured into comedy shows such as the office. If you get a chance watch his stand ups...politics and animals, there superb


jimmy carr has never done any acting (cept a new film that he is starring in) he has always been stand up, so IMO hes a comedian


bill baily again, hes done a few comedies but his stand ups are funny


peter kay, done pheniox nights etc but his stand ups are good!!


steve coogan i supppose you are right but he makes me laugh so i dont care


so there :P:D

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