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Are You Left Handed Or Right Handed?



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  1. 1. Are you left handed or right handed?

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are left handed people really that much of a rarity?im left handed, my cousins left handed, my missus' brother is left handed and the two guys i work with are left handed, thats all i know of :S dont think ive even met a left handed girl before! used to get called lefty in school at times as well, youd think it was a hindrance to me or something!?

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Bog standard orthodox me...very boring. Having said that it's possible to train your "wrong" side to do pretty much anything your "right" can. My dad lost his right side through illness and taught himself to write very well with his left hand in his late sixties. I used to use my left foot purely for standing on but playing footie with Josh over the years I've made an effort to use it and it's much better now than it ever was.

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