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Uefa May Expand Euro Championship

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Uefa is to consider the possible expansion of the European championship from 16 teams to 24, possibly in time for the 2012 tournament.


Chief executive Lars-Christer Olsson revealed it has been discussed by Uefa at its executive committee meeting.


It will be put to Uefa's congress in Dusseldorf in January, that will decide whether to have a feasibility study.


Olsson said: "Individual members of the Executive Committee have already spoken positively about the idea."


He admitted the proposal could become a reality in time for Euro 2012, with Ukraine-Poland and Croatia-Hungary having made joint bids and Italy mounting a solo bid.


Uefa is scheduled to announce the winning bid in April 2007.


Olsson added: "If Congress is also in favour - and I see no reason why it would not be - then we would have course have to inform the three bidders for Euro 2012 and see if they can provide solutions for 24 teams.


"I think it would still be possible to stage a 24-team competition using the planned eight stadiums but there are a lot of other factors like hotel capacities that make it closer to the organising of a 32-team competition.


"So there are a lot of things to check."


The idea of an expanded European Championships was put to Uefa by the Scottish Football Association with support from the Republic of Ireland, Latvia and Sweden.

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Money.. More countries participate in tournament so more people will watch it and UEFA could probably charge more for advertising.


It'd also allow Wales, Ireland and Scotland to play - could be interesting.



The more the merrier as they say , at least under Mclaren we may have a chance of qualification if they expand the fooker . :blink:

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