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A Man Meets A Woman


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you may of heard this....


a man was driving his car down a country road when all of a sudden a car appears from around the corner. the man doesnt have enough time to stop or turn the car out the way and the two cars smash into each other. the two cars smash that bad that it looks like scrap metal yet the two drivers manage to escape unharmed. the other driver is an attractive woman so the man goes to if she is ok. the woman then says to the man "oh my god how did we survive that?" "the man replies "maybe it was a sign from god that me and you should be together." the woman thinks and agrees it must be a sign, then says "look this bottle of wine is undamaged, we should drink to our new relationship, here you drink first," the man then drinks half of the bottle leaving the other half for the woman. he goes to pass here the bottle and says "here, drink up," the woman replies "i think i'll wait till the police have came."

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